Find Union Opportunities


We all know that times are tough now, however we're sure this won't last forever. When this pandemic has passed why not take the opportunity to move into a job with security, benefits, and an organized team behind you fighting for your rights as a worker.


There are already a number of openings in unionized industries and positions, as well as apprenticeship opportunities to get you started in the trades. Here we hope to give you links to the information you may need to find one that best fits you.


Grocery jobs represented by UFCW Local 555:


Fred Meyer:


Building Trades Apprenticeship programs:

Find information about apprenticeships in these fields:

Heavy Truck Driver


Drywall Finisher

Electrician, General Journeyworker

Electrician, Ltd Energy Technician Class A

Electrician, Ltd Energy Technician Class B

Electrician, Ltd Renewable Energy Technician

Electrician, Ltd Residential

Elevator Mechanic

Exterior Interior Specialist

Firestop Containment Worker



Heat and Frost Insulator and Asbestos Worker

Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning


Cement Mason


Masonry Trades

Millright Construction Mechanic

Operating Engineer

Pile Driver





Scaffold Erector

Sheet Metal Worker

Sign Fabricator Erector

Sprinkler Fitter

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